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Hold close

Ta-daaa! I have scanned half of the book so far. Now bask in the beautiful xelfi-ness of epic proportions



Final War by Ly Xu part.1Collapse )



24th-Apr-2010 06:54 pm - Slayers FINAL WAR has ARRIVED!
YEESSS!! It just arrived today! I'll work on scanning it tonight or tommorrow.

That is all. ^__^

~ J 
21st-Apr-2010 09:49 pm - My music tastes! ^_^

Just thought I'd share some of my current fav songs for everyone to listen to. Get a little feel of the type of music I like.

~ jadehaku

5th-Apr-2010 09:12 am - OMGFXBBQ!! >.

I CAN'T BELIEVE . . . i MAY ACTUALLY, i'M GONNA, OVERLOAD OF ZELFILLIANESS! (Passes out from the excitement)

Okay, I'm calm now.  (Peaceful zen mode) Now what item would every and any xellos/filia want but they could only get it from overseas?

( chirp * chirp * chirp * silence )

Okaayy here is another hint, she is a VERY popular artist that specializes in xellos/filia art and she resides somewhere in China.

Yes! That's right! It's Ly Xu's art ^__^ 

I have gone through many channels but I placed an order and most likely will get her amazing doujinshi called, 'Final War'.

I am in bliss right now! :)

4th-Apr-2010 10:39 pm - Slayers Novel Revival

Now I'm aware that it has been years since TokyoPop has ceased it's publishing of the novels past volume eight but seeing as the new season of slayers has been released in America it would be best to past the word around.

There is a petition on saving the novels (it's been around since 2005 I think) I'm not naive. I know many fanmade peititions don't usually work and that's why I'm supplying this link!


In there is a more professional way of making your voice heard. It will take some effort but nothing worthwhile ever came easy. Judging from what I've heard on the net Slayers Rev seems to have done well when it came to sales. So now is the time to put the pressure on TokyoPop to continue the novels. From a buisness standpoint it makes sense.

Save the novels!Collapse )
31st-Mar-2010 11:34 pm - Xellos with a british accent?

LOL Not really but these 2 characters do share remarkable similarities. They are clever manipulators who see people as toys to amuse (in the beginning), both have the philosophy to cause chaos in life. Both have a charismatic smile that hides the scheming that lies underneath. In SKINS (a british teen drama) the character 'Tony' is a real bastard for most of the first season. The complexities in his character are slowly unravelled as the series progresses showing a more human side to him. Just like Xellos isn't only a sociopathic Mazoku. He has pride, loyalty and has a genki trickster side of him that makes him seem more human than is probably safe for those he travels with ^__^ > XD


This is an extra video that came orginally from the skins official site. It's a video diary to help the viewers get insight to what kind of character Tony is and through him, the rest of the cast.


I feel like a bunch of helium was released inside of my head and caused burning sensations down my throat in the form of a huge lump.

In short, a cold that transformed into asthma.

I was just talking with Izo about how she thought she was coming down with something and now low and behold I'm sick as a dog. *Gets up on the bed scattered full of tissues while pointing in an Amelia-esc like fashion. It was you that spread it to me! I'm not privy to the details of this odd phenomenon but I just know!

LOL Just kidding! I'm just venting over this annoying illness I had to get in full action while I was at work. Truth be told I was warned from a coworker I gave a ride to a few times that he was recovering from a cold. Emphasis on recovering. He was still sick enough to get me sick (RAWR!)

I swear the people at my work act like they have never seen someone with a cold before (though it was asthma for me. I've had the severe case of it since I was 3. Actually I was a step away from being in one of those horrid bubble rooms (twitches a little at the memory) Not to mention that my immune system is shoddy at best so whatever is going around at the time it's likely I'll get it sooner or later. And apparently I have >__<

Back to my coworkers and boss. They were all avoiding me like the freakin' plague. I can understand not wanting to catch a illness but come on! They were so obvious about it that it was borderline rude. I had one girl throw a bunch of clothes at me (literally) for me to sort through so she didn't have to come near me. Did I feel like I was being alienated? Not quite yet but what happened next sure changed that feeling. While I was in the store my friend Paula (who is also best buds with my boss. It's an awkward relationship . . . ) said in a not too subtle voice, in fact it was a boisterous voice " Woah, why is your nose all red! "Genius, why do you think it's red? Because I was rubbing it with a tissue, Moron." Outwardly (because I wouldn’t be rude as to say that in public or while I'm at work anyway ) I gave her a simple flat stare and replied, that 'I had a cold and was rubbing my nose too hard.' No use going into the whole real explanation with her. She would either forget it in the next hour or I'd get chewed out by my boss for 'chatting-up the customer' for too long. Never mind that they were spending time in her office for over an hour gabbing but whatevers.

I turned to leave and go about my duties but then Paula repeated to me about the redness of my nose. Apparently she wasn't listening to me -_-

As if I wasn't self-conscious enough as it was, she went on about how the customers were going to notice it! At that time my patience had all but ran out. I turned my back with my cart and went to the back to work ( to hide) where nobody would criticize me. They behaved like I was some deformed mutant that had mucus all over my face. Please! All I looked like was Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

The stress and sneezing must have gotten to me because I felt dizzy for about 3 times that I can remember. At one point I had to rest my face and my whole body for that matter, against a clothing rack to gain my bearings back. After about an hour, Paula arrived in the back storeroom with a vegetarian burrito from my favorite restaurant. (small smile) She can be cruel and abrasive most of the time but she has those moments that warm my little-bitty heart. Causing all my previous frustration and embarrassment due to her comments to dissipate in an instant. It's manevers like that that keep our friendship alive ^__^

After that I poked my head in the main store to catch the time and my boss pointed to her nose to let me know that mine was still red. What was it with people today! I'm the one who was sick! I think I'd know if my own nose was red. BUT I wasn't going to let my boss's reminder of an earlier annoyance hinder me of having my break, my food and my favorite burrito damn it.

Then it was 3 minutes before I was done with work for the day. As I was getting ready to leave, my mother bursts into the back saying, It about time to go Bubba!"

My day was now complete.

Not only did my overprotective mother not have the patience to wait for me outside but she also had to shout a nickname she has for me in front of three other coworkers. Gah! ^__^ Sometimes your daughter needs to have her space!

After hours of being home I can now find it endearing that she was in a rush to get to me. She get's so very lonely you see. We only have each other plus Paula . . . sometimes.

When I arrived to the comforts of home my mom chose that time to impart a little 'wisdom' to me. It would seem that red noses could also be associated with drug-addicts. >.> My mother's way of making conversation ladies and gentlemen. There are some rehab people who work at the job and she thought maybe that was why they paid close attention to my nose. 0_o




My mind went blank with that information. I'M ONLY TWENTY-ONE! I don't do that sh&t! Hell, I never smoke, did drugs. I've only had liquor like 6 times in my whole life. First couple times I had it was when I first met Paula. She had some heavy-hitting drinks like grauppa (I'm sure I spelled that wrong) and some italian drink that was named after a witch. I did it only to prove that I wasn't a sheltered little girl and that I could hold my own. Amusedly I didn't gey drunk or I couldn't tell if I was. When I'm by myself I have no inclination to have the stuff. It tastes pretty fowl. It seems to be more work than it's worth to choke down the liquid just to get a buzz. I trashed the idea after that. That's not to say I won't ever drink again but if I get invited out to a dinner party or some sort of outing I might partake but until then I'm fine.

Wow, that went a bit off topic (rubs back of head sheepishly) Well to wrap things up, I was so emotionally exhausted that I conked out 15 minutes of getting home and now here I am typeing away.

Huuhh, I need a drink. LLOOLZ JK! ^__^

21st-Mar-2010 06:41 pm - Great Xellia Song!
Hold close

I was introduced to this new artist and song and I gotta say I am completely hooked. This song screams filia and xellos. I had to share it, the urge was to overwhelming ^^ ( Glomps Lypian for sharing such a musical treasure! > XD )



19th-Mar-2010 10:11 pm - Xellos clips part.3

Here are the last clips of xellos from Slayers Revolution. I also added a bonus funny scene of ozel for ya Amber!

19th-Mar-2010 01:03 pm - Xellos Clips Part 2
Now these are the scenes I've been itching to get to for awhile. My favorite scenes of xellos from this season so far! His easy beat-down of the slayers gang and Filia's 'raw garbage' comment being thrown in his face by lina :)

~ Enjoy

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